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Coaching Subjects


Here is a partial list of representative training/coaching modules upon which I draw to develop each client's custom training or coaching program.

  • 10 commandments for answering questions

  • 14 opening techniques

  • 16 types of sound bites

  • 27 ways to manage the fear of speaking

  • 4 keys to success in public speaking

  • 5 principles of great speakers

  • 7 commandments of media relations

  • Active listening

  • Audience analysis techniques

  • Bridging technique

  • Creating context

  • Figures of speech

  • Group facilitation skills

  • Handling typical challenges in groups

  • How to get started preparing a presentation

  • How to P.O. a reporter

  • Importance of verbal communication

  • Knowledge and preparation

  • Listening skills

  • One- and two-way communication

  • Organizing a presentation

  • Platform command

  • Powers of observation

  • Preparing for an interview

  • Principles of media relations

  • Rehearsal

  • Closing techniques

  • Techniques for anticipating questions

  • Types of questions and answering them

  • Understanding and preparing sound bites

  • Understanding the culture of media

  • Using eye contact

  • Using humor

  • Using names

  • Using visual aids

  • Why you fear public speaking


Here are of few examples of my coaching work.

  • Trained the top four executives of a major software company to develop and communicate appropriate corporate and product messages in support of an IPO.

  • Trained 50 executives and middle managers of a financial services company on effective employee communication techniques during a corporate re-engineering program.

  • Trained 160 senior managers and executives of a large regional health system in the Communication Skills for Managers Workshop.

  • Have trained more than 150 corporate executives and physicians to handle media interviews, in one-on-one and structured classroom programs.

  • Provided personal coaching and presentation training to a senior corporate executive who was responsible for internal and external presentations during a corporate re-engineering program.

  • Developed and delivered, to 50 Public Relations staff members of a public relations firm in New York, Philadelphia, Bethesda and Richmond, a two-day training program, How to Prepare and Deliver Effective Presentations. This program is customizable for virtually any type of client.

  • Provide one-to-one coaching on personal computer skills to client executives.

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