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Training:Facilitation Skills 

Workshops provide one-on-one, hands-on practice.

"This was an exceptionally well-done workshop on a topic that I have heard and spoken about myself countless times in the past. Mr. Kirk's style was informative, humorous and easy-going. I highly recommend this kind of training to other employees. Nice job!" 
"Great presentation and presenter. Was looking for a long boring day. However, it ended up being fun!" 
"I would recommend it to anyone!"
"An excellent, engaging presenter. Your obvious preparation made our day very valuable!"

​Facilitation Skills: Study Circles

Study Circles were developed in 1870 at Chautauqua Assembly in New York to provide higher education opportunities to people who didn't have access to college.

Today, Study Circles are widely used as a technique for small groups to examine an issue from many perspectives and to solve related problems. The process is aided by an impartial facilitator who creates a safe environment, manages expectations, models desired behaviors and keeps the discussion "on purpose.

This workshop trains those facilitators.

This workshop is designed to provide managers with the information and hands-on skills training they need ─ in only three to five hours of total training time ─ to facilitate Study Circles successfully.
The workshop uses coaching and training techniques that give participants an opportunity to interact with the information presented in ways that help drive it home. Subjects are covered, through presentations, games, competitions and other exercises.

Please note that developing a customized workshop generally requires a substantial budget and, thus, is most frequently requested by larger organizations. I do not have "off-the-shelf" or "generic" workshop programs.

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