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Specialized Copywriting for High-Value and High-Risk Communications 


I frequently hear: "I don't need any of your strategic services now. But I do need to have an important tactic produced by an experienced professional. Can you take on a short-term tactical writing assignment?" Yes.

Here are some of the "à la carte" writing services I perform frequently:

  • Write advocacy materials for Public Affairs such as issue-specific websites, calls to action, emails and letters to regulators and legislators, white papers, tool kits

  • Write a speech or feature article for a senior executive.

  • Write a critical or sensitive letter for a senior executive.

  • Write a non-routine, mission critical news release.

  • Write or re-write an annual report or other SEC-required document.

  • Write an executive white paper or briefing on a communication subject.

  • Write a Web site or portions of a Web site.

  • Re-write a news release, article, speech or publication that has been prepared by more junior in-house staff or consultants.

  • Develop a special-purpose PowerPoint presentation for a speech, trade show, sales or financial presentation.

  • Critique and improve an existing corporate presentation.

  • Critique a plan or other work product of in-house staff or external consultants ("Second Opinions").

  • Develop a firm's response to a Request for Proposal (RFP).

  • Work with a PR firm or ad agency to develop a competitive new business presentation.


Here are a few examples of my specialized copywriting work.

  • Wrote, for a coalition of compounding pharmacies, a website, multiple public affairs campaigns, white papers and toolkits all aimed at protecting access to compounded preparations for veterinary use.

  • Wrote, for a major hospital system, all internal and external communications about the sudden (and mysterious) absence then resignation of its CEO.

  • Wrote, for a bank CEO, a one-hour equity analyst presentation for the annual analyst meeting. (This assignment, by the way, was given and completed in 5 days, including a weekend...)

  • Ghosted a "career reminiscence" piece for the chief executive of a chemical products company for the 50th anniversary issue of Chemical Week magazine.

  • Based on interviews with executives of a Bristol-Myers Squibb subsidiary wrote a profile piece for a leading trade magazine.

  • Substantially re-wrote speeches, for publication, originally delivered by senior executives of Du Pont Merck and Glaxo.

  • Wrote, for FMC,  a full-color, illustrated 30-page manager's workbook, Managing Change: How to Plan and Implement an Effective Employee Communication Program.

  • I have written countless feature articles, speeches, PowerPoint presentations, news releases, employee communication pieces such as Q&A documents, annual reports, brochures, direct mail pieces and Web sites.

If I may be of service to you, please contact me.

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