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Training: Media Relations

Workshops provide one-on-one, hands-on practice.

"This was an exceptionally well-done workshop on a topic that I have heard and spoken about myself countless times in the past. Mr. Kirk's style was informative, humorous and easy-going. I highly recommend this kind of training to other employees. Nice job!" 
"Great presentation and presenter. Was looking for a long boring day. However, it ended up being fun!" 
"I would recommend it to anyone!"
"An excellent, engaging presenter. Your obvious preparation made our day very valuable!"


Effective Media Relations

The highly evolved skills that most successful executives use in their work often are not the skills they need to be successful at media relations. In fact, they're most likely backwards. Unfortunately, many people who have the responsibility of interacting with media see (and often are trained in) "tricks, tips and techniques" such as "pivoting, re-directing" and such. And people using these techniques on TV more often than not come off as dodging, not answering questions or lying.

So while this workshop does include training in certain "techniques," my emphasis is on authenticity. As too often "seen on TV," tricks, tips and techniques can harm, not help effective communication.

This intensive four- to six-hour workshop shows high-level corporate executives what's missing in their current approach to interacting with news media and gives them hands-on experience with building authentic relationships with members of the Fifth (and, now, the Sixth) Estate.

If you're looking for just another set of tips, tricks, techniques and other means of manipulating relationships with news media, this is not the program for you. This workshop is grounded in the fundamentals of building successful relationships such as cultural awareness, listening, respect, responsibility and empathy.

The program is customized for the specific requirements of each client organization. Using demonstrations, exercises, video examples and, as required, videotaping.

Participants learn about the culture of news media, principles of media relations, surefire tips for aggravating reporters, David Kirk's Seven Commandments for Answering Questions and even the Zen principles that apply to answering questions. Then, using models and examples specific to their current challenges, participants practice the principles they've learned.

Typical Contents of the Workshop

  • Four keys to a successful interview

  • Audience Advocacy

  • Principles of media relations

  • Surefire tips: how to aggravate a reporter

  • Preparing for an interview

  • Principles for answering questions

  • The Zen resistance/persistence model

  • The paraphrase technique

  • The P.A.B.R.S. model for answering questions

  • The S.C.A.M. of sound bites

  • About 20 other program modules are available depending on the requirements of each client.

​Please note that developing a customized workshop generally requires a five-figure budget and, thus, is most frequently requested by larger organizations. I do not have "off-the-shelf" or "generic" workshop programs.

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