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Planning Examples

Here are a few examples of my consulting and planning work.

Developed a communication plan to support a $90 million implementation of electronic medical records for a major health system, based on in-depth executive interviews and an extensive literature review. 
Collaborated with senior management of a large hospital to develop a special-purpose employee and community communication program to mitigate any negative impact of the hospital's program to recruit nurses from the Phillipines.
Directed the joint communication planning process for the proposed consolidation of two major urban hospitals in a Northeastern city; process included several Community Relationship Check-Ups, facilitating team meetings, writing a two- year communication plan and presenting research and plan to joint board of directors steering committee.

Developed audience- and issue-specific communication programs for a variety of companies, including opinion-leader communication programs for hospitals.
Developed, managed and directly serviced the internal and external communication plans for a major subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company prior to, during and following the company's top-to-bottom re-engineering project.
For Chemical Products Group of a Fortune 100 company, undertook a variety of project-planning initiatives in support of the director of Public Affairs including how to structure and support the employee and community relations functions at the plant level.
For scores of clients, during a 40+ year career, have developed full-scale, research-based communication programs for specific purposes in support of marketing communication and corporate communication activities including product introductions, management of major crises, corporate identity, acquisition, re-engineering and other purposes. 

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