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Training: Effective Presentations 

Workshops provide one-on-one, hands-on practice.

"This was an exceptionally well-done workshop on a topic that I have heard and spoken about myself countless times in the past. Mr. Kirk's style was informative, humorous and easy-going. I highly recommend this kind of training to other employees. Nice job!" 
"Great presentation and presenter. Was looking for a long boring day. However, it ended up being fun!" 
"I would recommend it to anyone!"
"An excellent, engaging presenter. Your obvious preparation made our day very valuable!"

​Effective Presentations

This program, which is customized to the specific needs of each group and individual, is designed to help executives to become better presenters, chiefly by freeing them of the "public speaking techniques" they've learned along the way to the top. The workshop is grounded in a philosophy of authenticity, "audience advocacy" and personal responsibility. Rather than loading the participants with more "techniques" that inevitably make them worse presenters, participants learn to approach a presentation from the viewpoint of the audience. They also discover, through intensive group and personal coaching, how their own physical presence affects an audience and how to manage that effect.

The customization of the program includes advance interviews with each participant, group exercises that create meaningful work products that the group can use, mock presentations, videotaping and respectful but hard-hitting personal coaching.

Typical Contents of the Workshop

Day One

  • Audience advocacy

  • Preparation

  • Keys to success

  • How presentations go wrong

  • Brainstorm a presentation

  • Right brain/left brain

  • Opening techniques

  • Flow structures

  • Rehearsal

Day Two

  • Culture of media

  • Media relations

  • What reporters want to know

  • How to aggravate a reporter

  • Preparing for an interview

  • Q&A principles and models

  • Types of challenging questions

  • Paraphrase technique

  • Structuring an answer

  • Video demos

  • Platform skills

  • Listening

  • Reading an audience Using PowerPoint


Day Three

  • Role playing

  • Demonstrations

  • Videotaping

  • Coaching

Please note that developing a customized workshop generally requires a five-figure budget and, thus, is most frequently requested by larger organizations. I do not have "off-the-shelf" or "generic"

workshop programs.

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