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Coaching Endorsements


Here are a few comments from clients about their coaching experiences with me.

"We have been extremely pleased with the improvements we've made, as a result of your training, in our message development and articulation.  We've not only seen results in the consistency of message reported by press and analysts but we also have seen that people within our organization have a better understanding of our product positioning and strategy.  The techniques we learned in your course have proven to be easy to employ and extremely effective."
"This was an exceptionally  well-done workshop on a topic that I have heard and spoken about myself countless times in the past. Mr. Kirk's style was informative, humorous and easy-going.  I highly recommend this kind of training to other employees.  Nice job!"
“Techniques for dealing with difficult questions and bridging to established messages were great.  The on-camera interviews were invaluable in judging personal performance objectively and applying other feedback to personal improvement.”
"Speaker knew his audience well -- helped to make presentation effective.  He used all of his techniques.  Seeing it in action was the most helpful element of learning."
"David was an excellent instructor.  He promoted introspection on some of the most basic tasks we often take for granted or 'should just know.' I feel I took a great deal of information from the presentation and hope it helps me to become a more effective communicator.  Great job!"
"I have not heard such positive response about a speaker since joining this organization three years ago.  Our meeting was held for two days after your presentation and everyone that attended had rave reviews about you and the material you covered."
“A very good experience.  Very worthwhile!”
“You are an excellent, engaging presenter.  Your obvious extensive preparation made our day very valuable!” 
“The workshop was extremely well organized and the leader presented himself in a manner which kept our attention.  A very interesting seminar.  Would recommend it to anyone.”
“You are an excellent communicator and group trainer facilitator!  It’s so clear you have a passion for and live your profession.”
“Very talented!  Thanks for compressing the program into ½ day and still making it so rich and valuable.  I especially enjoyed the exercises – interesting to see how people act in a new setting.” 
“This was a terrific start for us.  Got us to recognize some potential problem areas and ways to solve.  Great learning experience!”
“The workshop on the whole was excellent.  Speaking in front of people was great at confronting fears that everyone has, addressing them and conquering them.”
“I came in thinking it was going to be useful, but limited but came away with feeling more confident about myself and the job I am going to do.” 
“I found it fun and kept my attention.  Very animated, friendly tone given by facilitator helps.”

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